Genuine Leather Pro Punch Bag 4Ft Black



26 in stock

26 in stock

  • Genuine cowhide leather punch bag with extra internal lining to give more strength and life.
  • Sold as unfilled but can be filled up to 50 kg+
  • Punch Bag comes in 4ft (120 cm) size
  • Available in 35 cm diameter, which is ideal for perfect workout sessions and provides extra surface to the athlete
  • Free: High quality swivel chain for hanging these bag
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As we know, boxing is a good way to practice your reflecting ability and endurance. However, boxing is full of danger, and choosing good equipment is mandatory. G4 presents a high quality Unfilled cowhide leather punch bag. These bags can be filled approximately 35kg to 50kg with a zip top design to customize the filling.

A closer zip at the top of the bag is designed to customize the filling accordingly. The bag is manufactured using high quality material and under great experience team. The double stitched quality gives the bag more strength and life. They are designed for your perfect punching, kicking, MMA and workout sessions. A FREE swivel chain is provided to hang the heavy bag.

You can fill up these punch bag with sand, saw dust, ripped rags, shredded foam, rice hull, according to your preference. There are heavy and extra heavy punching bags available at G4 Vision depending upon your height and size, you may choose your desired bag. This G4 Punching bag is ideal for home, gym or your workout place use.


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